Shelley Horton-Trippe

The In-Betweens… Portraits from the Pandemic

The In-Betweens… Portraits from the Pandemic

The summer of 2020 was a difficult one. I had 3 dear friends die during the Covid pandemic. I wanted to remember their faces, their laughter and began a series of watercolor portraits, painting stacks and stacks. I set up a summer garden studio and each morning woke early, eager to paint and after a while, as I watched the watercolor washes develop, they began to reveal faces I didn’t recognize. I allowed them to appear, and these felt to be faces of recently departed souls possibly waiting to move on, waiting for some sense of acknowledgement. And the In-Betweens emerged.

“Horton-Trippe’s paintings slow time down, deliberately.”

“The edible castle rises from a lake of milk bathed in a buttery glow.”

–Ellen Berkovich
Albuquerque Journal North