The new work is NOW. Oftentimes, I paint from a memory or a time in history or about the repetition of history…how human beings continue to build walls or start wars. These new paintings began with 2017 and a declaration of an experiment to light heartedness as countermeasure.

“Horton-Trippe’s paintings slow time down, deliberately.”

“The edible castle rises from a lake of milk bathed in a buttery glow.”

–Ellen Berkovich
Albuquerque Journal North

As I enter the studio, to the right hangs a clock that long ago stopped ticking and on it’s face is taped in bold letters:


Each choice of color or stroke is the calling of NOW. Sometimes my afternoon summer reading becomes part of the now and a feeling from Colette’s “Pure and the Impure” takes control of the brush reeling along the canvas with the hottest of pinks or lushest of persimmon.

With power, with color I paint to reclaim my world from the towering tv commentary replacing the babble with my own reality of the present tense of the NOW.